The new 4 Series has been a massively controversial car for BMW. As part of the German brand’s desire to show a bolder design direction, it has adopted a large vertical kidney grille styling feature.

BMW claims this new grille pays homage to the company’s classic 328 roadster, but keen followers of the brand have expressed indifference to the radical look. That said, in a marketplace where Audi and Mercedes-Benz have successfully created more elaborate “faces” for their vehicles, BMW had no option but to counter.

BMW 4 Series: Imposing front and classic roof design

The latest 4 Series variant to be revealed, is the convertible. Although the global market for sun-seeking two-door vehicles is shrinking, BMW believes that there is enough of an opportunity to justify this latest soft-top.

Beyond the new convertible’s imposing front, it features a reconfigured roof folding mechanism. BMW has reverted to the classic fabric roof design, eschewing the complex and heavy folding metal roof arrangement.

Not only does the fabric roof deliver a vehicle that is more relatable to traditional convertibles, it also reduces overall mass and frees a notable volume of cargo space in the boot.

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Smooth and potent performance guaranteed

Powering the new 4 Series convertible are a range of two- and three-litre turbocharged engines, all paired with eight-speed automatic transmissions. The entry-level option is a two-litre four-cylinder, good for 135kW and 300Nm, badged as the 420i.

Expect the more potent two-litre 430i to be more popular choice for potential 4 Series convertible customers. It boosts 190kW and 400Nm. The most powerful engine option is a three-litre six-cylinder, available in the 440i, developing 275kW and 500Nm.  

Open-top motoring comfort

Although the 4 Series convertible has four seats the second-row is strictly for kids or pets, while an optional clip-in wind deflector and neck warmers greatly improve the comfort of open-top motoring with this new BMW.

The 4 Series convertible offers a credible level of digitisation, with a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, powered by the company’s latest operating software. It also includes cloud-based navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, WiFi connectivity and remote software upgrades to ensure everything functions slickly and seamlessly.

BMW 4 Series: When will it be on SA roads?

BMW is expected to start distributing the new 4 Series convertible to various global markets from March 2021.

An interesting detail of its reveal strategy around this new vehicle, is that the entire photo series was captured on location at False Bay’s world-renowned Clarence drive.

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