Sell Your Car on Consignment

We Source, We Sell, We Connect

Sell Your Car / Vehicle on Consignment – We will connect you, the seller, to the buyers, ensuring maximum return for you!

Recently, a growing trend towards car consignment has emerged based on the same simple model. The hassles of private car sales make car consignment well worth considering. We will sell your car and market it for you.

To professionally market a high priced item like a car requires significant prep work, product knowledge, skills to facilitate negotiations, the ability to meet buyers’ needs for financing and a variety of other factors that complicate the sale process.

Want a little bit extra?

Let us sell your car on consignment and return you a higher price. Less hassle, less risk, more money. We can sell your car on your behalf and offer you a higher return than a wholesale buyout. We will handle the entire transaction on your behalf without the hassle. We provide the following:

  • Nationwide marketing of your vehicle.
  • A skilled sales team that will handle all aspects of your deal without you being inconvenienced by potential buyers.
  • Finance with all major banks and quick pay out to you.
  • Most importantly, we handle your vehicle like our own.

With an very easy and simple paperwork to be completed, both parties is ensure everything is going like clockwork. Commissions will be concluded beforehand.


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