Private Vehicle Finance

Private Vehicle Finance & P2P

We Assist Buyers With Finance For Vehicles That Are Not Being Bought From A Car Dealership


Buying a used vehicle doesn’t always happen at a dealership. There are many different ways to find the car that’s right for you. You can buy a vehicle from a friend, family member, private individual, or business? You can finance this purchase with Onlineautos today! Remember, you can finance the private purchase of a used vehicle with us. Many consumers don’t consider this option when shopping for a vehicle, so don’t miss this opportunity to get a good deal, low rates, and a monthly payment that fits your budget.

Just because you’re purchasing privately doesn’t mean you can’t get the best deal on your financing. Whether you’re buying a used car from someone you know or a complete stranger, do it wisely through Onlineautos Private Finance. With Onlineautos Private Vehicle Finance both the buyer and seller are protected, making it a safe, simple process. We finance private sales between individuals, companies, and trusts, and from deceased estates.

We also offer a range of insurance options and can help you with your vehicle’s registration. Find and select the car of your dreams then apply for private finance online.

You’ll need to supply Onlineautos with the following:

  • Clear copy of your Valid SA Identity Document or Identity Card.
  • Clear copy of your Valid SA Driver’s license.
  • Proof of income (Latest 3 months payslips).
  • Proof of Residential Address (utility bill, telephone account – NOT older than 3 months).
  • Insurance confirmation letter from your insurance company


1.) Clear and Healthy credit record (No defaults or judgments)
2.) Valid South African Driver’s License Card
3.) Valid bar-coded South African Identity Document or Identity Card
4.) No vehicles under 2004 year models
5.) No code 3, stolen recovered or accident damaged vehicles
6.) Only vehicles registered in S.A
7.) Minimum monthly income R 6 500

Complete the form below to apply for Private Vehicle Finance

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Please call Pieter 076 449 3306 for Private Vehicle Finance.