Porsche might be a singularly focused sports car company, but that has not made it is unaware of the value that diversity brings.

The German performance car brand is supportive of its staff engaging in local pride events, in and around Stuttgart, where Porsche is domiciled.

Despite most automotive companies having fallen into a loss during the first six months of 2020, Porsche has remained profitable. It has a very loyal customer base and much of that loyalty stems from being able to offer deeply customised vehicles.

Sense of differentiation

Porsche’s tailoring of its vehicle interiors, and the bold exterior colours and graphic design sensibilities, create a huge sense of differentiation in the market. Customers appreciated this.

And much of its ability to deliver cars which are so individual and striking in appearance, is a diverse workforce and concept team, where innovative thinking is welcomed.

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“We demand and foster equal opportunities and want to make it possible for all Porsche staff to contribute just as they are, regardless of elements including their gender, ethnic background, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation,” member of the executive board for human resources at Porsche, Andreas Haffner said.

A balanced and content workforce, will also be an efficient and creative one. Porsche is aware that its best industrial assets, remain the people in its employ. And the company’s support of staff at German pride events, is a symbol of that.

‘Virtual’ runs

Realising that group gatherings are not quite possible with current social distancing issues, Porsche encouraged staff to go for individual “virtual” runs, wearing brightly coloured shirts, to show fraternity with the pride movement.

There would naturally have to be a car component to all of his too, and Porsche decided to park some of its best and brightest at the company’s headquarters, as a pride support display.

The cars chosen for this display were all 911s, as one would expect. Specifically, they were of the GT3 variety, which are the more purist 911s and have some of the brightest colour options. Amongst the Porsche pride parking display, there were six GT3s: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and maroon.

Author: Onlineautos