Frequently Ask Question

How can I send feedback on the website?

We are very keen to hear all feedback, so please tell us what you think.

We appreciate all feedback and all comments will be considered so that we can continuously improve our site for the users. In the unlikely event that you discover a ‘bug’, glitch or something wrong with the site, please use the feedback form provided – we really do read every piece of feedback and we appreciate your help.

How much is it to register?

It’s free. You don’t need to register to use the main search area, however things like asking our experts a question, placing an advert or adding vehicles to your Shortlist mean we need to know who you are, so registering is needed. We don’t share your details with any other parties.

What internet browser works best?

The Onlineautos site has been tested in all major browsers, for optimal performance however please ensure you keep your browser updated for the best performance.

Can I set up alerts for a vehicle I am interested in?

Yes, setting up an alert is possible. Onlineautos Car Alerts will notify you on a match, depending on your set criteria, by sending an email directly to you.

What are listings?

Listings are the vehicles posted for sale on the Onlineautos website, Promoted Vehicles

What is a Promoted Listing?

Make your used car or new stand out, it means more user will see your vehicle. 

What’s ‘My Shortlist’ on Onlineautos?

Shortlist is a way of keeping those ads you’ve found and want to refer back to in a shortlist. It functions as a “shopping cart”.

You can add your shortlisted vehicle adverts to the Shortlist by simply clicking the “heart” icon on the listing, and then viewing the list from the top site navigation. If an advertiser removes the vehicle from Onlineautos then your Shortlist advert will ‘expire’ and you won’t be able to view the advert anymore.

You’ll need to register, which is free, to use My Shortlist.

Advertising on ONLINEAUTOS.CO.ZA

How do I advertise on Onlineautos?

It’s easy, visit and follow the ADD Car link. From this page you can select all functions.

What is “Sell A Car”?

“Sell a Car” is our do it yourself service, you manage the entire selling process. You are in control of your pricing and advert, it is simple and easy.

Follow the prompts on the Sell a Car page in order to upload your advert.

Here are some tips when placing an advert online:

  • Give as much detail as possible – buyers online associate transparency and information with trust.
  • Upload as many pictures as possible – just as above, the more images you upload the more trust you create and give your vehicle a better chance of selling your car quicker.
  • Price your vehicle right – do your homework on similar vehicles with similar mileage and condition to give you an indicative price range before you place your advert.


What is “Sell Consignment?”

“We Sell” is a car selling service by Onlineautos that specialises in selling cars for people seeking a hassle-free car sale process, visit Sell On Consignment.

How do I make changes to an existing advert?

  • Visit
  • Login with your e-mail address and password.
  • Click on manage my advert and follow the simple steps to amend an existing advert.
  • Alternatively, you contact Customer Service on 076 449 3306 or e-mail customer service and one of our friendly agents will be more than happy to assist you in changing it.

How do I rebook/reactivate an advert?

Your advert will be displayed on until the expiry date. To rebook, expire or amend your advert, visit Your Onlineautos Profile.

  • Sign In, click on “Edit Your Cars” then “Manage-My-Adverts”.
  • You can manage your Live Adverts, promote Your Cars, Upgrade Your Cars, Expired Adverts, Payment Pending Adverts and In Shopping Basket Adverts from this area.
  • During the rebook process you’ll be given the option of amending your advert.
  • If you need assistance or experience any difficulty, please contact Customer Service on: Tel: 076 449 3306 or Email: customer service

How do I pay for my advert?

For your convenience you may pay for your order via credit card, EFT or a cash deposit (Regret: no cheques accepted).

Please email proof of payment together with your vehicle registration number, contact number, make and model to customer service. You can also contact Customer Service by calling 076 449 3306 once payment has been made to have your advert activated.