COVID-19 Dealer Compliance

As per the Government Gazette issued on 12 May 2020, dealerships were allowed to trade during Lockdown Level 4. With Level 3 now in effect, trade restrictions have been lifted, however, all health and safety protocols still need to be adhered to.

The following conditions need to be adhered to by the dealership in order to trade:

  1. Conducting of permitted trade activities during Alert Level 4, namely:
    1. Trade in new and used cars;
    2. Wholesale trade of new and used cars by OEMs and importers;
    3. Export and import of all category of cars through national ports of entry under strict guidelines; and
    4. Trade-in purchases, car lease scheme returns and wholesale trading of used cars.
  2. The phased approach to car sales and the conditions outlined for Phase One, Phase Two and Phase Three.
  3. Ensuring limited teams of employees and contractors access the dealership to prepare for the start-up in line with COVID-19 risk mitigation measures.
  4. Implementing health and safety measures, including, but not limited to the following:
    1. Sanitisation procedures at all sites are strictly being applied to ensure that all work surfaces, equipment and cars on the floor are disinfected before the dealership is opened, and regularly cleaned during the working period;
    2. Maintaining social distancing protocols at all times;
    3. Ensuring that all staff and customers wear a cloth face mask or a home-made item that covers the nose and mouth and not allowing any customer access to a dealership, used car outlet or auction without a face mask;
    4. Not allowing an employee who is sick or who has COVID-19 symptoms to work;
    5. Mandatory screening of all employees when they arrive for work on a daily basis;
    6. Mandatory signing of a register by all visitors and customers to all sites; and
    7. Not permitting children access to dealerships and used car outlets under Alert Level 4.
  5. Ensuring that ongoing training and guidance on personal hygiene and preventative measures are communicated to all employees on a regular basis by the Dealer Principals or other persons in charge.
  6. The risk-adjusted measures for occupational health and safety as a prerequisite for operation.


For more information regarding COVID-19, visit the Department of Health’s information page: