The $2 million ((R33.1 million) customised 1 100 horsepower car will be the first-ever delivered to the United States (US).

Michael Fux, the New York businessman renowned for his world-class collection of more than 160 exotic cars, has built his reputation on the acquisition and selling of some of the world’s most desirable cars.

Michael Fux with some of the cars in his vast collection. Image:

Another first for Michael Faux

He added further to his reputation this week by becoming the first US collector in modern times to buy a Hispano Suiza — in this case a Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne.

The Spanish company’s all-electric, hand-built Carmen Boulogne, one of just 19 built, will be finished in custom metallic purple bodywork with copper accents — a scheme developed personally by Fux with staff at the Hispano Suiza’s technical centre.

The Fux look and feel

And Fux loves to put his personal touch on vehicles in his mighty collection. Have a look:

What makes the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne special?

Designed, developed and manufactured in Barcelona, the Carmen Boulogne is based on a super-stiff, hand-laid carbon-fibre monocoque and was launched in March. 

The vehicle has an output of 1 100 horsepower, has a top speed of around 290km/h and is capable of doing a 0-96km/h sprint in 2.6 seconds. Asking price is around $2 million. 

The historic Hispano Suiza car brand is owned by the fourth generation of the Suqué Mateu family which, since 1904, has built more than 12 000 luxury performance cars and 5 000 aeroplane engines. 

Author: Onlineautos