The R8 is an icon of modern Audi design and the brand is now producing a limited edition version of its renowned V10 supercar.

Originally launched back in 2006, the R8 has endured. Using lessons learned from Lamborghini, which Audi owns, the R8 showed what was possible when Italian design meets German engineering.

The second-generation R8 launched in 2015 and that model range is now close to the end of its lifecycle. To mark its maturity, Audi is discontinuing the basic R8 and marketing a limited edition of 30 R8 V10 Performance derivatives.

Features of the R8

Distinguishing the limited-edition R8 are a lot of carbon-fibre bits. Audi has added composite trim to the engine cover surround and side blades. Red brake callipers contrast with the limited-edition R8’s carbon-fibre exterior styling upgrades.

Inside these 30 limited-edition R8s, there is more composite detailing. Audi has added carbon-fibre to the instrument binnacle and air vents. The R8 limited-edition also gets a factory-fitted flat-bottom steering wheel, which creates better ergonomic knee clearance for taller drivers.

A pure driving experience

Beyond the interior and exterior updates, Audi has also added some mechanical upgrades to the limited edition R8. A carbon-fibre suspension sway bar component, trims 2kg in weight and works a treat with Audi’s magnetic ride dampers, which have variable adjustment – allowing a driver to tailor suspension feel to road conditions.

Powering the R8 is Audi’s legendary 5.2-liter V10 engine. Unlike most other supercars, which are turbocharged, the R8’s V10 remains naturally-aspirated, which allows for much higher crank speeds. For enthusiasts who desire the linear power delivery of an engine which can spin to 8000rpm, the R8’s V10 is peerless.

With outputs of 419kW and 550Nm, the R8 V10 limited edition is very quick. Audi claims that its limited edition R8 is good for 0-100kph in 3.4 seconds and will run a true top speed of 324kph. The R8 V10 limited edition balances its performance with a Quattro all-wheel drive system and should be effortlessly easy to drive in traffic too, with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

For keen followers of the Audi brand, and those looking to invest in a supercar which could appreciate in value, the R8 limited edition will pique interest. With Audi limiting production to only 30 units, the dynamics of scarcity equalling value, will almost certainly ensure that these R8s will surge in price.

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Author: Onlineautos